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1018 Archie Carroll Rd
Boone, NC 28607


A tuition-free, public charter school serving the high country and located in Boone, North Carolina.

Enrollment Policies and Lottery Procedures


Two Rivers Community School (TRCS, the school) admits students of any race, color, or national origin and does not discriminate on the basis of these factors in the administration of educational policies, admissions procedures, or any other school programs.

The school was formed under the Charter Schools Act of 1996.  As prescribed by law, TRCS does not charge tuition but may charge reasonable fees similar to the fees charged by other public schools.

Re-Enrollment of Currently Enrolled Students

Students are enrolled for one academic year at a time.  In January of each year, parents/guardians of students in good standing must complete a TRCS Letter of Intent to Re-Enroll (sent home with Wednesday folder) that secures a child’s space in the school for the following academic year.  The TRCS Letter of Intent to Re-Enroll must be submitted to the school no later than February 15 (or the last school day prior to February 15.)

Enrollment Opening and Closing Dates

The school will begin taking applications for new student enrollment no later than the third Monday of March for the following academic year.  Enrollment will close on the 1st day after the end of Watauga School District’s 1st semester. By vote of the Board of Directors, enrollment in some classes may be closed earlier day to ensure an appropriate classroom environment and/or to minimize classroom disruption.  No student will be admitted to TRCS after the closing date noted above.  Families applying for admission after that date will be placed on a call list and contacted in March once enrollment opens for the following school year.

New Applicant Procedures

The school will only accept applications for admissions during the application period, from the third Monday of March through the following six weeks.  If at the close of the application period there are more applicants for a grade level than there are seats available, all applicants will be placed into a lottery to determine who will be accepted to the school.  The lottery process is designed to ensure fairness in acceptance for admission to all applicants.

During the application period, the Board of Directors will ensure that one or more information sessions are provided for potential applicants.  These sessions will be led by the school director and will provide information about the school and its educational program and activities along with the application for admission.  As well, the director will schedule at least two open house days to allow families to visit classrooms in session.

The school may refuse admission to any student who has been expelled or suspended from a public school until the period of suspension or expulsion has expired.  The director will determine whether a student should be refused admission following the completion of the application procedure.

Lottery for Enrollment

If the number of qualified applicants who apply for a grade level during the application period exceeds the spaces available in that grade, the Board of Directors will conduct a lottery to determine the order in which available spaces will be filled.  In this way, a waiting list for admission to the school will be created for each grade.

The following procedures govern the lottery for enrollment:

·   Prior to the day of the lottery, all applications will have been screened by school staff to determine eligibility for admission.

·   The lottery will take place during the first meeting of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors following the application deadline and review of student applications by school staff members.

·   Candidates eligible for priority admission will be admitted without participating in the lottery unless there are more candidates eligible for priority admission than spaces available in the appropriate grade.  In this case, a separate lottery will be held that includes only the priority admission candidates for a specific level of preference for the grade being considered.

·   A card bearing the name of each eligible applicant and the grade level for which the child has applied will have been made prior to the meeting.  Each card will have been placed in identical envelopes that are sealed and labeled with each applicant’s grade level.

·   All envelopes for applicants into the kindergarten are placed in a large clear container.  A Board officer or designee draws envelopes one by one from the container with the Board secretary recording the lottery order number and names of applicants as they are drawn.  The lottery order number is also recorded on the child's application and lottery card.  This process continues until all envelopes have been drawn and recorded.

·   The first 20 students whose cards are drawn will be admitted into the kindergarten class.  Any admissions preferences created by the enrollment will be noted.

·   This process is repeated for each grade level, filling the number of spaces available in the grade.  Priority admission may require adjustment in other grade levels.

·   All applicants will be notified by mail of results of the lottery for admission.  To remain on the school roll, families of accepted students must respond to the notice of acceptance for admission within 14 days of receiving the notice.

Enrollment Preferences

If space is available in the appropriate grade level, enrollment preference will be granted to qualified applicants in the following order:

1.  siblings of students already enrolled in the upcoming academic year,

2.  children of teachers and teaching assistants.


a.    Students who withdraw from TRCS during an academic year will not be admitted again during the same school year.

b.   Children or relatives of members of the Board of Directors are not eligible for admission preference unless they are eligible for another reason.

Enrollment Procedures

1.  Following acceptance for enrollment, these documents must be submitted for each student no later than May 31 (or the last Friday of May):

·   copy of birth certificate

·   immunization record or school-recognized alternative documentation

·   social security number

·   records transferred from previous school

·   signed School-Family Agreement

If these documents are not received by the deadline, the family will receive written notification that acceptance is withdrawn and the next student on the waiting list for that grade will be accepted and notified.

2.  A parent or guardian of all accepted students must attend the annual orientation meeting held prior the beginning of the school year.

Student Completion of Enrollment

To complete the enrollment process, both new and continuing students must attend class at the beginning of the school year.  The attendance policies to complete enrollment in Two Rivers Community School include the following:

1.  Each student must attend classes on the first day of school.  If a student cannot attend the first day of classes, written notice must be provided by a parent or guardian.  Students absent for more than the first five days of school will be removed from school rolls and the first child on the waiting list for that grade will be enrolled.  While the school will attempt to contact the family of students who miss the first day(s) of school, it is the responsibility of families to notify the school if a student cannot attend the first day(s) of school.

2.  In accordance with the Student Information Management System (SIMS) guidelines of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, students who attend the first day of classes but accumulate ten consecutive, unexcused absences in the first 20 school days will be removed from the school rolls.

Note:  Excused absences include illness or injury, quarantine, death in the immediate family, medical or dental appointments, court or administrative proceedings, religious holidays or observances, and valid educationally excused absences up to ten days with approval from the director or the Board of Directors requested at least two weeks prior to the absence.  The NCDPI does not consider a valid educational opportunity with approval prior to the absence an acceptable legal absence until after the child has attended school and completed enrollment.