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1018 Archie Carroll Rd
Boone, NC 28607


A tuition-free, public charter school serving the high country and located in Boone, North Carolina.

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Welcome to Two Rivers Community School

A tuition-free, public-charter school located in Boone, North Carolina.


Who are we?

We are a charter school that teaches the Core Curriculum using Experiential Learning as its framework. With the community as a vital resource, we instill a love of learning, compassion, environmental responsibility, and service.


What makes Two Rivers Community SChool different?



Our dynamic curriculum engages students in hands on learning opportunities and is designed so that students and teachers develop meaningful relationships based on trust and mutual respect. The curriculum facilitates collaborative work which guides the students’ learning, development of goals, and encourages them to be active and empathetic citizens. 


Community Focused

Our local community is Two Rivers’ greatest resource. The community sets the stage for learning expeditions and is at the center for service projects. Students learn how to interact with and utilize community resources making the connection an integral part of the Two Rivers’ experience. 


Mountain Adventure Program

Designed by nationally recognized outdoor wilderness education consultants, Two Rivers teachers and parents, this program uses experiential learning activities as a vehicle for promoting student character and physical growth. In addition students in grades 3 to 8 visit Buffalo Cove Education Outdoor Center for a few days of practical application to outdoor and character skills.